Polish students designed a ‘smart sensor’ dressing which tells doctors how well a wound is healing

Three students from Poland have been awarded this year’s prestigious James Dyson Award for design for developing a smart sensor for dressings which indicates how well a patient’s wound is healing. The SmartHEAL device is a dressing that monitors the condition of chronic wounds and can detect infection without being removed and disrupting the tissue.

The SmartHEAL device is a flexible, transparent, and self-adhesive sensor that is placed on top of the wound. The sensor measures the temperature, humidity, and pH level of the wound, as well as the amount of exudate (fluid) present. The sensor then sends this information to a mobile app via Bluetooth, where the patient and their doctor can monitor the wound’s healing progress in real-time.

One of the key features of the SmartHEAL device is that it can detect the early signs of infection, which is crucial in preventing the wound from becoming worse. The device can also alert the patient and their doctor if the wound’s condition begins to deteriorate, so that they can take action before it becomes a serious problem. Additionally, the device can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of different treatments, which can help doctors to make more informed decisions about the best course of action for each patient.

The SmartHEAL device is not only beneficial for patients, but also for healthcare professionals. This innovative solution can reduce the need for frequent wound checks, which can save time and money. It also reduce the chance of infection from repeated removal and replacement of dressings. This can help to improve the overall health and quality of life for patients.

The team of students who developed the SmartHEAL device are passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives. They believe that the SmartHEAL device has the potential to make a significant impact on the way that chronic wounds are treated, and they are excited to continue working on the project in the future.

The James Dyson Award is a global design competition that recognizes and celebrates the next generation of design engineers. The competition is open to students and recent graduates who are studying product design, industrial design, and engineering. The award was established in 2007, and is named after Sir James Dyson, the British inventor and industrial designer best known for his development of the Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner.

The SmartHEAL device was awarded the James Dyson Award for its innovative design and potential for impact. The three students behind the project have already begun working with a medical company in Poland, who have agreed to support the development of the SmartHEAL device, with the aim to bring it to market in near future.

In conclusion, The SmartHEAL developed by the Polish students is a revolutionary solution for the treatment of chronic wounds. Its ability to detect the early signs of infection and monitor the wound’s healing progress in real-time will help patients and healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions about treatment and potentially save lives. The team’s passion and dedication to using technology to improve people’s lives, and their recent recognition through the James Dyson Award, bode well for the future of healthcare.

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